I’m on by Macc Dundee music video shoot estimated at $100K

Talk about lifestyles of the rich and famous. we sent a reporter to the music video for Macc Dundee’s new single “I’m On” which features a slew of talent, music video directors, and $2,000 bottles of Patron? Yes you read that right, $2,000 for a bottle of patron. “The music video shoot was lit” one source claims who was at the shoot. “there must of been 10 bottles of Patron” another source tells us. We did a cost breakdown of the music video and here’s where the money was spent.

Patron bottles $2,000 x 20 popped = $40,000

iCizzle music video fee: $10,000

Rental location: $20,000

Talent appearance fees: $30,000

Was it worth the cost of “$100,000” to be the boss in your own music video? Is this a case of over indulgence only seen in America?