So what’s it all about? It’s a 10 short film collection of some of the best iCizzle comedy shorts.  If you’re not familiar with iCizzle that’s ok. He’s a comedy gem who has yet to be cast on SNL.  He has so much camera presence and simple timing in his comedy.  Well, let’s take a watch at his collection and review it.

Mr worldwide Dale! It’s Pitbull (iCizzle) on sabbatical!

The first short is about worldwide superstar Pitbull and his need for a summer sabbatical deep in the islands of the unknown. This is really a funny one. Pitbull even time travels to warm himself not to sing his hit song timber in the forest with the trees.  During his sabbatical Pitbull gets sick and needs some badunkadunk to fix his fever. Very funny!

Von Vandervien goes to Hollywood and makes us laugh!

This one threw me off as I was watching it. I was like is that really the same guy that just played Pitbull? I guess there’s a rumor that Von Vandervien is real and know iCizzle. But who knows right? Von Vandervien gets a grey hair and panics. He feels his life is almost over and he needs to fulfill his dreams of becoming a big movie star like Tom Cruise.  He makes a greyhound bus ride down to Hollywood and auditions.  During his stay he makes the rounds and runs out of money while staying at a hostel.  Comedy is in good taste as Von learns his lesson.

iCizzle is game for The move and sea lions

Have you ever dreamed of moving from the Suburbs to the country? Neighbors can be fun or not. If they’re Sea lions than it’s gonna be a late night of no sleep. iCizzle battles the sea lions only to learn a valuable lesson.

iCizzle is sent to an unknown island in Casted Away

What would you do if you woke up and were laying on a beach shore with no one around. All you have is a notepad with writings in it.  All you have is courage to explore. This was a serious one and at times I found myself asking is that really iCizzle? He’s a great actor.

 What happened to 2 Chainz? He is now 2 Chanez?

Is the rapper 2 Chainz no more? This short documentary breaking news report follows the now 2 Chanez in the mist of another name change. The really funny stuff here is when 2 Chanez dances with his 2 chanez. Hahaha He’s different alright.

Who is the best Deer Motivational speaker? Danny Yams!

Danny Yams might be the worlds best motivational deer speaker and now he’s about to face his biggest challenge. Danny Yams keeps his cool most of the time. When he really tries to interact with the deers is when it gets funny.

Have you seen the Jimmy Deer Fallon?

So talented and so good. Have you seen the JDF? “He’s been eating my mini apples and organic cheese!” exclaims an upset Walker T Angus.  When Walter gets ready to fight back is when we couldn’t stop laughing.



iCizzle competes in Beard Off!

When he finally his confidence he grew a beard and entered a beard contest in Las Vegas. Does he win? Can’t spoil that for you. He does however compete and we learn some personal stuff.

The Ghost of Kimmel-Toe haunts Walter T. Angus                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     FINAL SNORE: 0 Snores out of 0 Snores. This is a comedy of a gem that needs to be seen by more people. iCizzle is a chameleon of characters that translates into laughs.